Client:Bridgem Pty Ltd

Construction Period: Mar – Apr 2012

Total Value: $875,000 + GST

Advanteering is proud to have been presented with a 2013 WA Engineering Excellence Award for this project. The project’s objective was to augment the servicing of two of Western Australia’s large oil and gas developments in the North West. Additional berth space was needed at the supply base in Henderson south of Perth. A large barge-like ship was scuttled 40 meters offshore and connected to land with a 45.6 meter modular bridge. After working closely with Bridgem and OSMA a safe and environmentally sustainable access link was created as a result of this exercise.

This project was comprised of:

  • Preassembly of “Unibridge” beams onsite;
  • Lifting and positioning of 4No. beams to create the main bridge structure to link a barge vessel to the shore to create additional temporary berths;
  • Assembly of bridge components using a unique scaffold system to ensure safe work methods whilst working over the sea below;
  • Installation of deck planks and hand railing to complete the bridge structure;
  • Design and construction of a precast, tilt up ramp structure onto the grounded barge vessel;
  • Reinforced concrete topping to ramp structure over cement stabilized fill; and
  • Guardrail assembly to the ramp together with a steel toe to the bottom 2.5meters of the ramps.

The project was completed in a very tight timeframe all whilst overcoming the difficulties of the site including: coordination with other contractors; working adjacent to the Chevron active port operations with its sensitive quarantine arrangements; and working over water between land and the vessel.