Client: City of Nedlands

Construction Period: February 2017 – March 2017

Total Value: $140,000 + GST

This project involved the supply, installation and commissioning of a new sewer pump station at Beaton Park, Nedlands. This included decommission of the existing pump station and extension of a rising sewer main and gravity sewer between the new and existing. A new potable water line was also supplied and installed.

The project included: 

  • Development and implementation of Dewatering and Acid Sulfate Soil Management Plan.
  • Installation of dewatering system to allow installation of a 5m deep pump station pit and associated pipe work adjacent to the Swan River where the water table was approximately 1m below ground level. This included monitoring and testing of effluent to ensure it was environmentally safe to discharge.
  • Construction of temporary infiltration ponds to contain dewatering effluent.
  • Installation of a 5m deep, 1.8m diameter precast reinforced concrete sewer pump station.
  • Installation of 40m of 100PVC gravity sewer 3.5m below ground level connecting the new pump station to the existing gravity sewer pipes.
  • Installation of 40m of 65mm Dia HDPE rising sewer main connecting the new pump station to the existing.
  • Decommissioning of the existing pump station.
  • Installation of 40Dia PE water service.

The project was effectively managed without environmental incident. All of the works were completed on time and on budget.