This project involved the design and construction of a 50m long jetty in Geographe Bay and removal of an existing timber jetty including:

  • Design of the jetty for 15kPa/100kN Live loading and Wave loading: Hs=2.2m, Hmax=3.1m, Tp=15 seconds, 25 year design life;
  • Development of design drawings;
  • Using beach sand to create an earth bund to allow pile driving;
  • Driving of 324mm diameter steel screw piles up to 9m long;
  • Precasting concrete headstocks on site;
  • Placing precast concrete headstocks onto piles and concrete filling of piles for connection to headstocks using a barge;
  • Placing precast concrete deck planks using a 220tne crane;
  • Fixing reinforcing steel to the deck and pouring of a concrete topping;
  • Supply and installation of jarrah and steel kerbing, fenders and access ladder; and
  • Demolition of the existing jetty including the recycling of all timber and steel components.

All the above was carried out in the environmentally sensitive area of Geographe Bay with no environmental impacts. The work was carried out during unfavourable weather and sea state conditions with no delays to the work, the main jetty structure was completed in just 6 weeks with minor jetty furniture works carried out later.