Client: City of Swan

Construction Period: May 2017 – June 2017

Total Value: $270,000

This project involved the re-facing of limestone retaining walls and refurbishment of a 50m footbridge over Charlottes Vineyard dam.

The project included:

  • Working with relevant stakeholders with regards to timing of the works;
  • Working in a public area with high pedestrian traffic from the nearby school;
  • Safety and Environmental management relating to working over water;
  • Planning and implementation of traffic management;
  • Dewatering of the water from the dam to provide access to the limestone retaining walls;
  • Pressure cleaning and rendering of 220m2 of limestone retaining walls;
  • Pressure cleaning of the existing steel columns to remove surface contaminants;
  • Pile encapsulation of the existing columns using a permanent HDPE sleeve system;
  • Removal and disposal of all timber decking, joists and kickrails. All timber products demolished from the boardwalk were provided to the Public or retained for reuse.
  • Construction of new decking support system using Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) channels.
  • Installation of new composite timber decking system;
  • Installation of new kick rails using FRP rectangular hollow sections.