Client:City of Perth

Construction Period: Oct 2014 – Jan 2015

Total Value: $410,000 + GST

This project involved the replacement of 70No. existing vertical elastomeric joints with mortar joints and refacing & repointing repairs to ~800Lm of existing limestone block riverwall at Claisebrook Cove East Perth. The works consisted of the following:

  • Replacement of 70No. existing vertical elastomeric joints with mortar joints;
  • Repoint and refacing to ~800Lm of limestone block wall;
  • Surface preparation of blocks and joints by water blasting;
  • Removal of existing mortar joints using air powered tools;
  • Installation, maintenance and removal of silt curtains;
  • Repointing all existing joints with a high strength mortar;
  • Refacing ~500m2 of badly eroded blocks (entire 2nd course and much of the 1st course); and
  • Staging works around the tides and storm surges. A significant amount of this work was completed underwater.


Advanteering were able to programme the works around the natural variability of the tides and weather conditions in the marine environment while minimising any environmental issues or impacts associated with works near the Swan River. This project was completed ahead of schedule and on budget.