Client: Department of Transport

Construction Period: June 2015 – September 2015

Total Value: $2.2 Million

This Project consisted of the Design and Construction of a 90m long recreational jetty. The jetty was constructed using steel piles and concrete headstocks and planks. The planks were reinforced with FRP reinforcement to prevent corrosion and many FRP products were used to minimize maintenance due to corrosion.

The project included:

  • Design of the piles, structure, lighting and hydraulic components;
  • Removal of existing timber jetty;
  • Pile driving including PDA and CAPWAP testing and analysis;
  • Protective paint treatment on piles and headstocks including numerous testing procedures;
  • Precasting of concrete planks and headstocks – specification requested steel headstocks but reinforced concrete headstocks were designed instead at no extra cost;
  • Placement of precast using floating equipment;
  • Welding precast headstocks to pile;
  • Bolting of planks to headstocks;
  • Lighting installation and upgrade of mains cables
  • Service pillars installation
  • Mooring pile installation including installation of protective HDPE sleeves and mooring rings;
  • Fendering;
  • Kerbing;
  • Abutment construction and run on slab;
  • Fire protection service;
  • Upgrade of pump main station;
  • Service duct installation using FRP materials:
  • Ladder installation using FRP, fender beams made from FRP.

The project was effectively managed without environmental incident. All of the works were completed on time and on budget.