Client:City of Vincent

Construction Period: Sept 2012- June 2013

Total Value: $3.2 million + GST

The Works included in the Hyde Park Lakes Restoration Project comprised of the following:

  • Repairs to existing stone walls;
  • Construction of new lake walls consisting of UC piles and precast panels including extension of all drainage through to the new wall; placement of sand backfill and capping paver construction;
  • Construction of two new beach areas including landscaping;
  • Removal of sediment from the lake basin including neutralisation of acid sulphate soils. Neutralised soils were then utilised as backfill onsite;
  • Design and construction of a water treatment system. The completed ‘Treatment Train’ involved the excavation of ~3000m3 of soil for the construction of three tiered filter garden beds. These garden beds were laid on an impermeable 1mm thick HDPE liner and made up of varying media (comprised of course aggregate, fine and coarse sands, and with hardwood mulch mixed through). All low-flow stormwater run off events entering the lakes are now treated resulting in much improved water quality;
  • Diversion of the 675mm diameter reinforced concrete Water Corporation main drain via an intercepting pit, through a Gross Pollutant Trap and into the treatment train including: Construction of the diversion pit, the Gross Pollutant Trap; and all associated pipe work required to connect the new water treatment area to the East Lake;
  • Re-structuring of the ecology of the two existing islands including clearing of exotic vegetation and replanting with natives;
  • Design and construction of a bore water treatment area; and
  • Repairs to existing stone walls.


These works were completed during the Summer months while lake water levels were at their lowest. The project was completed on time and on budget, all without restricting public access to the park.