Client:Main Roads WA

Construction Period: June – 15

Total Value: $86,000 + GST

Replacement of an existing finger plate expansion joint with a Mageba Polyflex polymer expansion joint on the Mill Point Rd on ramp to the Kwinana Fwy. This was the first installation of such an expansion joint in Australia.

The project included:

  • Profiling and asphalt resurfacing of the bridge run-off slab;
  • Demolition and removal of existing steel finger plate expansion joint;
  • Rebating of kerb & parapet so that the new expansion joint could be installed in a continuous segment (to prevent water ingress to the joint);
  • Installation of Mageba polymer type expansion joint, the first such installation of its kind in Australia;
  • The Mageba polymer expansion joint was installed in a number of stages and layers which included: a polymer concrete bedding layer either side of expansion joint; polymer concrete headers with 45° bevel; perforated steel angles and cover plates long the full length of the expansion joint drilled and anchored to the deck; primers; sticky backed noodle and rubber edging; and several layers of Polyflex RW60A with rubberized granules mixed through (allowing for curing between each layer);
  • Reinstatement of linemarking;
  • Traffic management including full road closure for the Kwinana Fwy on ramp and associated detour; and installation of steel road plates to allow traffic to pass over the work area outside working hours; and
  • All works were carried out at night due to traffic management restrictions.

The project was effectively managed without environmental or safety incident. All of the works were completed on time and within budget, to the satisfaction of all parties involved.