Client:Public Transport Authority

Construction Period: Dec 2007 – Aug 2009

Total Value: $6 million + GST

The Works comprised of the design and construction of an underpass connecting two existing roads as follows:

  • Relocation of affected services such as overhead power lines;
  • Removal and mulching of trees;
  • Excavation to lower Stubbs Tce by up to 5 metres (~25,000m3);
  • Pavement construction of the new Stubbs Tce including subgrade watering and compaction, subbase watering and compaction using recycled profiled basecourse and asphalt , basecourse supply, watering and compaction using bitumen stabilized limestone on the ~ 4000 square metres;
  • Sealing of Stubbs Tce with 2 coat seal and asphalt ~ 4000 square metres;
  • Lifting of Railway Road using thick lift asphalt to tie-in and avoid the relocation of a major 450mm dia steel water pipe service;
  • Installation of associated kerbing, guardrailing, brick paving, linemarking, signage, fencing, balustrading and lighting; and
  • Extensive new drainage work.
  • Installation of a bored pile wall along Stubbs Tce;
  • Complex traffic management throughout the works including detours, and long term lane closures involving portable traffic signals; and
  • Grout injection to stabilize the earth.