Client: City of Perth

Construction Period: September 2020 – March 2021

Total Value: $5,000,000 + GST

The Koolangka Koolangka Playground is a multi-use event space built over 10,000m2 within Wellington Square. The aim of the development was to create an intergenerational playground with the scope of works involving a combination of civil, landscaping and building works. The design of the playground was influenced by Aboriginal themes and Western Australian iconic landforms. Key elements of the park included three bespoke playground structures, water play area, pump track, skate park, parkour and rope play areas.

The project included:

  • Liaising with all key stakeholders to reduce the Project’s impact on the daily operations of the community.
    • This included attending Construction Reference Group meetings throughout the project to discuss the status of the project with nearby residents.
  • Concrete retaining walls and turn down walls poured in-situ.
  • Construction of a 960m2 steel cable and wire mesh catenary structure.
    • The steel cable and mesh were supported by 30No. CHS Columns which were connected to CFA Piled footings.
  • Installation of over 370 natural Sandstone Blocks to create a rock terrace area, Water Play and Rock Formation Area, as well as various edge blocks throughout the park area.
  • Construction of three bespoke steel playground structures including a 10m High Banksia Tower.
  • Installation of 60m2 of honed sandstone paving.
  • Construction of a concrete pump track over a 370m2 area.
  • Construction of a concrete slab skate park over a 160m2 area with Granite elements cast in to the slab which formed the skate elements.
  • Construction of in-situ decorative honed Concrete Walls and Parkour Bars to create the junior and senior parkour area.
  • Installation of over 110 hand-carved Granite blocks within the Parkour, Rope Play, Water Play and Skate Park Areas.
  • Installation of over 200 playground rope elements within the Rope Play Area and the three bespoke playground structures.
  • Construction of over 100m2 of permeable paving on crushed rock basecourse.
  • Installation of electrical infrastructure, including but not limited to:
    • New conduits, cables, light poles and luminaires for the playground area;
    • New conduits, cables, headlights and string lights for the Catenary Structure;
    • Installation of 1No. Power Bollard;
    • Installation of an Electrical Control Cabinet and associated infrastructure to supply power to the button activators and solenoid valves which operate the  Water Play area.
    • Installation of hydraulic infrastructure, including but not limited to:
    • Water reticulation to service the 20 Bubbler Sprinklers within the Water Play Area; and
    • New gravity sewer connection for a future toilet facility on site including the connection of the sewer line in to an existing Water Corporation manhole in the middle of Bennett St.
  • Installation of irrigation systems for turf areas and surrounding garden beds.
  • Installation of proprietary playground elements including embankment slides, flying fox, trampolines, quad swing, basket swing and accessible spinner.
  • Installation of ~90m of Stainless-Steel Handrails.
  • Soil preparation for turf and plantings.
  • Installation of ~3,000m2 of turf;
  • Planting of over 4000 mixed native shrubs, including watering and fertilising.
  • Planting of over 40No. trees ranging from 100L to 500L including watering and fertiliser.
  • Mulching of all landscaped areas (~1630m2).
  • Installation of a variety of playground soft fall treatments, including rubber soft fall, mulch soft fall and sand soft fall.
  • Protection, retention and incorporation of existing mature park trees into the new playground.
  • Installation of new park furniture, including but not limited to, picnic tables, bench seats, swivel chairs, high tables, bike racks drinking fountains, disability access barbeques and waste bins.
  • One year maintenance period.

The project was effectively managed without environmental incident. All of the works were completed on time and on budget.