Client: Main Roads WA/Downer Mouchel

Construction Period: June 2016 – October 2016

Total Value: $3 Million

This Project consisted of the construction of crash barriers alongside the Kwinana Freeway North Bound between the Mt Henry bridge and Canning Hwy in South Perth and also around the Narrows bridge in Perth. The majority of the project had to be completed at night due to the traffic volumes on the Freeway.

The project included:

  • Road widening including pavement construction to MRWA standards;
  • Foundation preparation for barriers;
  • Removal of redundant road pavements;
  • Removal of redundant kerbing and traffic barriers;
  • Additional drainage pits and pipes;
  • Modifications to existing drainage structures;
  • Modification of chainlink fencing;
  • Installation of slip form concrete barrier system;
  • Installation of end treatments for concrete barriers cast in-situ;
  • Installation of wire rope barriers including anchor blocks cast insitu;
  • Installation of W-Beam barrier system including end treatments;
  • Protection of multiple services and relocation in some areas;
  • Clearing of vegetation;
  • Profiling of over 5000m2 of existing asphalt;
  • Primerseal of over 5000m2 to MRWA specifications;
  • Asphalt to over 5000m2 to MRWA specifications;
  • Additional linemarking;
  • Relocation of signs and installation of new;
  • Coordination of streetlight relocation;
  • New kerbing;
  • Traffic management of busy Kwinana Freeway and Narrows bridge.

The project was effectively managed without environmental incident. All of the works were completed on time and on budget.