Client: MRWA

Construction Period: November – February 2006

Total Value: $680,000 + GST

The Works comprised of the reconstruction of Lancelin Road adjacent to and including the intersection with KW Rd in the Shire of Gingin between 66.11 SLK and 66.85 SLK. The Works were as follows:

  • Reconstruction of Lancelin Road including provision of right and left turn pockets;
  • Blending of base course into existing pavement at the tie-ins;
  • Installing new 375 dia. RCP and cast insitu concrete end treatments at intersection of KW Road;
  • Construction of surface drains consisting of table drains parallel to KW Rd, F drain at culvert outlet and two rock pitched spoon drains;
  • Laying of kerbing alongside left turn pocket incorporating kerb openings to spoon drains;
  • Supply and spray two coat bitumen emulsion seal using 14mm and 7mm aggregates;
  • Installation, removal and repositioning of traffic signs and guide posts;
  • Install pavement markings including raised pavement markers;
  • Remove existing driveway immediately opposite to KW Road intersection including relocation driveway gates and make good to the existing fence;
  • Construct new driveway access to property boundary; and
  • Construct new internal property access road.


This project was completed on budget and to schedule.