Client:Department of Parks and Wildlife

Construction Period: Aug 2015 – Feb 2016

Total Value: $1.7 million + GST

This project was to upgrade the existing Lucky Bay Camp site, located 70km east of Esperance in the Cape Le Grand National park. Works were required to be carried out in stages to allow the camp ground and beach access to remain open during the construction period.

The project included:

  • Working within Cap Le Grand National Park with strict requirements to minimise impact on the environment. No vehicle movement or work was to be carried out beyond the clearing lines;
  • Management to prevent the spread of dieback;
  • Protection of a threaten ecological community located adjacent the work zone;
  • Site clearing including the clearing and mulching of trees and removal of existing campground furniture and fencing;
  • Bulk earthworks with extensive cut to fill operations to achieve suitable construction levels;
  • Cultural monitors engaged on the project discovered stone artifacts, tools made by ancestors of the Esperance Traditional Owners. Several specific types of artifact discovered were identified to be sourced from sites over 600km away from Lucky Bay. News of the finds raised Australia wide interest.
  • Screening of topsoil material (to remove organics) before reuse for the pavement foundation;
  • Drainage structures including soakwells, reinforced concrete pipes and headwalls;
  • Precast concrete sewage vaults for future ablution facilities;
  • Conduit sleeves for future services;
  • New polyethylene water main to service future amenities;
  • 1.7km of 6m wide road pavement construction including two coat bituminous seal;
  • Cracker dust footpaths incorporating precast concrete beams installed as steps;
  • Concrete footpaths with exposed aggregate finish;
  • Over 500m of gabion cage retaining walls constructed using locally sourced Esperance Pink Granite. The construction of these gabions required hand placement of stone and was largely completed using local indigenous labour.
  • Esperance pink granite stone pitching of batters and drainage structure outlets;
  • Crossovers into campsites were constructed from exposed aggregate gecko coloured concrete where water drained through.
  • Flush and semi-mountable kerbing.

The project was effectively managed without environmental incident.