Client: Town of Victoria Park

Superintendent: Frank Squadrito & Denis Lau

Construction Period: September 2019 – December 2019

Total Value: $800,000

This project involved the development of the southern side verge of McCartney Crescent.

The contract was completed in collaboration with Zone 2 construction of the Lathlain Precinct Zone 2/2X project, using shared resources for labour, plant, equipment and site facilities.

The existing verge area consisted of grassy topsoil which was used for the public for parking. Due to the proximity to Lathlain Football oval, this area would consistently fill with cars on weekends during Perth Demons game days and Eagles training sessions held on weekdays. Possession of site was following the end of the AFL /WAFL football season to minimise mayhem.

The project was effectively managed without environmental incident. All of the works were completed on time and on budget.