Client: MRWA

Construction Period: April – June 2005

Total Value: $265,000 + GST

The Works under this Contract involved the strengthening of Bridge No 685 over the Moore River. The existing structure was a 2-span concrete bridge with a central pier on a spread reinforced concrete footing, and reinforced concrete abutments.

This involved the following:

  • Inspection and cleaning of existing prestressing tendon anchorages;
  • Repair of existing post-tensioning anchorage recesses;
  • Removal and strength testing of concrete cores taken from the existing bridge super-structure;
  • Construction of two new intermediate bridge piers (250UC89 steel columns with a 460UB75 steel capbeam);
  • Installation of new guard railing;
  • Repair of spalled concrete at Abutment No 1 (Moora side);
  • Removal of a tree stump and construction of rock protection at Abutment No 1;
  • Installation of traffic signs and devices, including bridge width marker signs; and
  • Various miscellaneous works, including repair to road surface, and relocation of a gate.