Client: DownerMouchel

Construction Period: April 2016 – July 2016

Total Value: $2.1 million + GST

This project involved the re-construction of the intersection of Morley Drive and Flinders Street in Yokine. This included new and modified drainage; the widening of Morley Drive; extension of the eastbound and westbound turn pockets; and the reconstruction of the existing asphalt surface to new design levels and grades.

The project included:

  • Liaising with the neighbouring stakeholders to reduce the Project’s impact on the daily operations of the community.
  • Clearing of existing vegetation
  • Demolition of existing hardworks i.e. concrete kerbs, footpaths etc.
  • Installation of new stormwater drainage items including manholes, gully pits, RC pipes to connect the new structures.
  • Modification of existing stormwater drainage items including installing new manholes and gully pits on top of existing pipework.
  • Earthworks: including the stripping of existing topsoil, and box out to the required subgrade level.
  • Pavement Construction: Including construction of limestone subbase and crushed rock basecourse; thick lift intermediate asphalt courses; and the asphalt wearing course.
  • Profiling of existing asphalt surface to new design levels.
  • Application of a 2-coat seal to intermediate asphalt layers and profiled surface.
  • Insitu concrete kerb to Main Roads WA specifications.
  • Concrete footpaths, crossovers and pram ramps.
  • Concrete bus stop slab & footing and shelter to PTA standards and specifications.
  • Brick paving to median islands
  • Line marking works: including longitudinal line marking and thermoplastics.
  • Installation of new road signage.
  • General landscaping works: including reinstatement of topsoil to median islands and hydroseeding.


Due to the high traffic volume throughout the intersection, a complex Traffic Management Plan was required to be developed and implemented to ensure that works could safely proceed, whilst minimising the impact on the daily operations of the community. This included completing certain project tasks at night, to ensure that the efficiency of works was still maximised. All of the works were completed ahead of time and within budget, to the satisfaction of all parties involved.