Client: City of Rockingham

Construction Period: September – October 2017

Total Value: $250,000 + GST

The works to the Palm Beach Boat Ramps include a major upgrade of the scour protection as well as general maintenance items to the ramps, run-on slab and finger jetty.

The project includes the following aspects:

  • Repairing cracked concrete;
  • Replacing damaged concrete kerbing;
  • Excavating and stockpiling existing armour rock for reuse;
  • Excavating and preparing subgrade;
  • Constructing and maintaining bunding (as necessary) to protect the works from impacts of waves, water levels and currents;
  • Supplying and placing of geotextile;
  • Filling of voids beneath existing ramp panels with concrete;
  • Supplying and placing of armour and filter rock;
  • Grouting of armour rocks;
  • Repairs to damaged, gouged or blistered protective coatings of the substructure and any other element of east ramp finger jetty; and
  • Wire brush preparation and recoating of all Fixed Jetty fixings.