Client: City of Rockingham

Superintendent: NS Projects

Construction Period: March 2019 – August 2019

Total Value: $741,132.33 + GST

Advanteering constructed a skatepark for the City of Rockingham between March and August of 2019. The Skatepark was the largest park to date designed by skatepark design consultants Newline Skateparks and Skate Sculpture. The works involved demolition of the existing skatepark, bulk earthworks to achieve subgrade level, installation of drainage, construction of basketball court, installation of street furniture and shade structures, construction of the new skatepark and surrounding landscaping.

The Project included:

• Demolition and clearing of existing infrastructure and vegetation.
• Earthworks and site preparation including importation of clean fill to the required levels;
• Skatepark construction including: reinforced concrete work for ledges, ramps and banks, quarter pipes, steel coping installation, feature rocks, rails all completed with various coloured concrete to a burnished finish;
• Construction of new drainage;
• Hardworks including street furniture, shade structures and paths;
• Design and installation of a new irrigation system that worked in with the existing park irrigation;
• Landscaping including turf and tree install;
• Completing work to a high level of quality to create a world class facility; and
• Completing a project safely with little impact on the surrounding environment.

The project was effectively managed without environmental incident. All of the works were completed on time and on budget.