Client:Town of East Fremantle

Construction Period: Feb – July 2011

Total Value: $800,000 + GST

The Works comprised of the construction of road safety improvements to 2.2km of Preston Point Road in East Fremantle located between Canning Highway and ending at the Petra Street intersection. The work included the following:

  • Demolition and disposal of existing traffic islands, kerbing and footpaths;
  • Rehabilitation of existing road pavement;
  • Widening of existing embankments;
  • Modification to existing drainage and construction of new drainage;
  • Construction of new kerbing and footpaths;
  • Modification of existing residential crossovers;
  • Construction of new median islands;
  • Construction of 2 new slow points; and
  • Over 17,000 square meters of asphalt resurfacing work including a central red asphalt median.

This project was completed on budget and to schedule.