Client: City of Canning

Superintendent: Con Angelidis

Construction Period: September 2019 – November 2019

Total Value: $286,000

This project involved the rehabilitation of the existing metal jetty at Shelley Beach. The site was located along the Canning River so all works had to be completed to the approval of the Department of Biodivery, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA). The scope of work involved removing the existing jarrah decking structure, surface preparation and painting of the existing metal members, UT testing and weld repairs on the existing piles, surface preparation and wrapping of the existing piles and installation of a new jarrah decking structure. An independent third-party coating inspector was engaged as part of the project.

The project included:

•Provision of a Construction and Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) that was approved by the DBCA;
•Removal of the existing timber structure including the handrails, kickrails, decking, joists and fenders.
•Surface preparation of the existing metal members using abrasive blasting and high-pressure water washing.
•Daily quality control testing to ensure the surface preparation, painting and wrapping of the metal members was being completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and the relevant Australian Standards.
•Engagement of a third-party coating inspector to oversee the surface preparation and painting processes implemented by Advanteering.
•UT Testing on the existing piles and weld repairs for areas where there were significant surface defects.
•Wrapping of the piles using Denso Seashield Series 80 System.
•Installation of new timber decking, kickrails, handrails, joists and fenders.
•Leaving the beach in a clean and tidy state with no left-over rock.

The project was effectively managed without environmental or safety incident. The works were completed ahead of schedule, within budget, to the satisfaction of all parties involved.