Client: DBCA

Superintendent: M.P. Rogers

Construction Period: May 2020 – June 2020

Total Value: $522,000

This project included the installation of a retaining wall, rock headland, beach renourishment, geosynthetic sand containers, landscaping, turf, irrigation, concrete pavement and hardscapes. Dewatering was required for the installation of the retaining wall which had to be completed in stages due to the volumes of water and the site constraints. All excavated material below the water table had to be treated as Acid Sulphate soil. The dewatering and the excavation work had to be managed in accordance with an Acid Sulphate Soil Dewatering and Excavation Management plan.
All work had to be completed under strict Environmental controls due to the close proximity of the Canning River.

The project included:

• Provision of a Construction and Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) to the approval of the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions;
• Excavation to lines and levels underwater;
• Installation and maintenance of a silt curtain;
• Placement of geofabric underwater;
• Placement of filter rock both above and below water;
• Placement of biscuit armour rock both above and below water to strict tolerances;
• Location and protection of services prior to and during any excavation works;
• Working adjacent to a PSP path and implementing the appropriate traffic management to reduce the risk to cyclist and pedestrians;
• Protection of existing trees on site;
• Dewatering for the construction of a limestone retaining wall;
• Construction of a limestone block retaining wall including compaction of subgrade, construction of a reinforced concrete footing 1m below mean water level;
• Beach renourishment;
• Landcaping including planting and turf;
• Irrigation design and installation;
• Concrete pavement construction including exposed aggregate concrete;
• Installation of Geosynthetic sand containers;

The project was effectively managed without environmental or safety incident. The works were completed ahead of schedule, within budget, to the satisfaction of all parties involved.