Client: MRWA

Superintendent: Jeya Jeyakumar

Construction Period: February 2020 – April 2020

Total Value: $600,000

This project involved the installation of a new traffic barrier to Bridge 909 and the reconstruction of the footpath.

The project included:

• Provision of Rail Safety Management Plan to the approval of ARC Rail Infrastructure;
• Traffic and Pedestrian Management to Welshpool Road East
• Core drilling through the existing bridge deck including ground penetrating radar scanning for prestress tendons;
• Access within the rail reserve to install bolt assembles through the deck;
• Installation of 370m W-Beam traffic barrier along with end terminals and thriebeam transitions;
• Installation of 3 rail barrier system to the existing bridge;
• Construction of 500m of PSP path consisting of limestone base and red asphalt wearing course;
• Installation of 120m of panel and post retaining walls; and
• Erection of 100m of 1450mm high chainmesh fencing.

The works were completed ahead of schedule, under budget, to the satisfaction of all parties involved.