Client: Leeuwin Civil

Superintendent: Steve Disley

Construction Period: January 2020 – May 2020

Total Value: $1.6 million

Advanteering completed the construction of the Busselton Eastern Link Bridge 5394 over the Vasse River as a subcontract to Leeuwin Civil for the City of Busselton. The project included construction of reinforced concrete abutments and wingwalls supported on precast concrete piles with 22m long precast prestressed concrete girders and a reinforced concrete deck overlay with kerbs and median.

The project included:

• Pre-installation of 20No. 800Dia PE pile sleeves;
• Installation of 20No. 400SQ precast concrete piles through the PE sleeves;
• Construction of reinforced concrete abutment, diaphragm and wingwalls;
• Application of Epoxy Resin to construction joints just prior to pouring the fresh concrete to ensure a well bonded joint;
• Supply and installation of 7No. 22m long x1.8m wide x 0.76m deep precast prestressed concrete girders each weighing ~30tne;
• 200thk insitu construction of a reinforced concrete deck with edge kerbs and a central median;
• Installation of 4No. HD 100Dia service conduits through abutment wingwalls and bridge kerbs;
• Construction of approach slab and sleeper beam;
• Installation of Granor XJS Expansion Joint System;
• Guardrail safety barriers;
• Bituthene 5000 sealing of construction joints;
• All earthworks, backfill, dewatering, rock pitching and road construction was completed by Leeuwin Civil.

This project was completed without incident, on time and on budget. There were no contract management or dispute resolution issues experienced by either party of the contract.