Client: MRWA

Superintendent: Peter Jacobs

Construction Period: February 2021 – September 2021

Total Value: $4.0mil + GST

Construction of 2km of 4.6m wide red asphalt PSP from Victoria Street to North Fremantle train station and alterations to Curtin Ave to allow safe pedestrian crossing locations.

The project included:

  • Working in close proximity to the live operating electrified railway. This required the development and implementation of a Rail Safety Management Plan and implementation of 1.8km of temporary General Exemption Fencing;
  • Cooperating with the restrictions imposed by relevant Authorities including City of Fremantle, Town of Mosman Park, Town of Cottesloe, Mainroads WA and Public Transport Authority;
  • Working with other Contractors on site including Western Power’s Street lighting and underground power installation, Venture Smart’s signalized pedestrian crossing modifications and various other Contractors using the Leighton Yard as a materials compound during the construction period;
  • Development and implementation of a Complex Traffic Management Plan taking into account day and night works, school zones, signalized pedestrian crossing and operating over 3 separate local government authorities;
  • Vegetation clearing of 1.3 Hectares of land;
  • Disposal of contaminated materials on site including asbestos
  • Bulk earthworks and embankment construction of 12,000 cum of material;
  • PSP Pavement construction using crushed rock base materials;
  • Placement of 10,000sm of 25mm lateritic red asphalt;
  • 450sm of Exposed Aggregate Concrete Path;
  • 1330sm of Unreinforced concrete paths;
  • 600sm of Stencil spray on faux brick paving;
  • Structural concrete elements including concrete stairs and a protection slab over an obsolete PTA tunnel;
  • 1150sm of pavement construction for road widening to Curtin Ave;
  • Installation of drainage structures including 28no drainage pits including Side Entry Pits, Gully Grates, Cycle Safe Wave Grates and High Flow Catch pits, 100m of concrete culverts and headwalls and 250m of infiltration trench drainage;
  • Mortared stone pitching of spoon drains, around drainage structures and drain blocks within V-drains;
  • Kerbing installation including barrier, semi barrier, semi mountable and mountable kerb types.
  • Pram ramp installations including tactile indicators and grab rails;
  • Installation of a new MRWA lighting circuit switchboard and cabinet including connection to Western Power mains;
  • Installation of 67no. 7m high PSP lighting poles and luminaires;
  • 360m of 1.4m high cycle safe balustrade;
  • 200m of 1.0m high handrails for disabled access;
  • 2km of 1.8m high, triple barb, security fencing to PTA standards including gates and isolation panels;
  • 8250sm of resurfacing of Curtin Ave including profiling and 30mm DGA asphalt;
  • Construction of road widenings for median islands and pedestrian walkthroughs and median island removal for road realignment, including 1500sm of 220mm deep full depth asphalt pavement
  • 67m of W-beam safety barrier including ET-2000 end terminal;
  • Installation of line marking to the PSP and Curtin Ave including thermoplastics, lines and raised pavement markers;
  • Preliminary landscaping works including topsoil, mulch and hydro-mulch;

Advanteering liaised with the Client and the Designer throughout the duration of the project identifying both short comings but also alternative solutions resulting in the project being completed approximately $1million underbudget. The project was completed ahead of schedule.