Client: City of Melville

Construction Period: October 2016 – January 2017

Total Value: $399,000 + GST

This project involved the demolition and reconstruction of a 90m section of a boardwalk located in Applecross. The project was completed on time and on budget with no environmental or safety incidents.

The project included:

  • Construction of and maintenance of a track within the tidal zone of the swan river to provide access to the work zone;
  • Temporary removal of timber handrails for reuse upon completion of the new boardwalk;
  • Removal and disposal of all timber decking, packers and kickrails. All timber products demolished from the boardwalk were provided to the Client and the Public for recycling.
  • Removal and disposal to a recycling facility of all the decking support steel members;
  • Removal of HDPE sleeve and concrete surround on all steel piles and disposal of offsite;
  • Removal of erosion protection system (boulders, concrete, and concrete mattress) in the locality of piles and new columns taking care not to undermine or damage remaining protection system and limestone retaining wall;
  • Treatment of existing steel piles to be incorporated into the new concrete footing/column structure;
  • Construction of the new combined concrete footings for new columns;
  • Construct new concrete columns from footings using Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) bars and holding down bolts;
  • Fabrication, treatment with high build painting system and erection of new steel supporting structure;
  • Installation of new recycled plastic decking system including packers and kickboards;
  • Reinstate erosion protection system and rock armour to match existing;
  • Reinstatement of existing timber handrails.