Advanteering has a construction team dedicated to skatepark and civic/youth precinct construction. This team includes engineers, carpenters, concreters and landscapers who are all passionate skateboarders and dedicated in providing a quality final product.

Part of skatepark construction is understanding the flow and skate-ability of the works. All of our main skatepark engineering and construction team are passionate skateboarders meaning they fully understand the requirements and can test the completed works. You will not find another team more dedicated to providing a quality skatepark than Advanteering.

Quality of work… outstanding

Their quality of work both from an engineering and horticultural perspective was outstanding. Park patrons and the general community are still talking about how good the park looks 12 months down the track.

Jeremy van den Bok - Manager Parks & Property Services / City of Vincent

I would not hesitate in recommending Advanteering Civil Engineering for any type of Civil Engineering Construction project

Kon Bilyk - Projects Officer / City of Vincent