Client:Main Roads WA / Downer Mouchel

Construction Period: Jan 2015

Total Value: $40,000 + GST

This project involved the realignment of 2 sections of freeway noise wall located in Woodvale.

This involved:

  • Hebel panel removal and reinstatement – taking care not to damage panels during the works;
  • Recycling of existing steel post uprights including breaking out of posts from existing piles;
  • Installation of 2No. 4m deep piles including: setout, augering of holes, installation of duct and reinforcing cage, setout of UB posts and pouring of concrete; and
  • Miscellaneous adjustment works including removal of service gates and relocation of mesh fence.


The project was effectively managed without incident. The works were completed on time and under budget. A cost saving was offered to the client by recycling existing steel posts by breaking out from the existing piles and reusing in the adjustment works.